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Caixa MerchanTrust | accounts

We expects you as an offshore or non resident account holder to deposit at least 5,000 euros within one month of opening the account and maintain this balance for as long as you keep the account.

You do not need to make a deposit the day you open the account but it is a good idea if you chose to do so.

You can use this account as a current account to receive and send money as long as:

1. You always maintain the minimum balance on the account.

2. You can give a detailed explanation of the nature of your business and general economic background before your account is approved.

3. You can provide, if requested by the bank, documents to explain the nature of a specific transaction and show that it is not breaking any Spanish law.

We reserve the right to turn down applications to open the account if we cannot get a clear understanding of the nature of your business and future use of the proposed account.

You can only open this account by mail click here for details.

If you open by mail, you can deposit money and wire money to another account opened in your name at any bank in the world, but to receive a bank card, credit card or transfer money to third parties, you will need to contact us.

The documents needed are photocopy of your passport, a utility bill to prove your address and detailed documents about your economic background and the origin of the money.

Start and order your account right now.

Current & Savings account for non-resident clients.

This is a small and relatively young bank, but a Spanish bank fully regulated by the Spanish Banking Commission with excellent online banking services.

We can also open this account in the name of an offshore company or individual for an extra fee of 3,000 euros and the same every year.

We have exact specifications for the documents needed to open the account and we need to have a clear and detailed understanding of the companys or individual ultimate beneficial owners and its business activities like.

  • 1, Low minimum balance.
  • 2, Great online banking.
  • 3, Lots of investments accessible online.
  • 4, You can use it as a current account.

The account opening fee for online account is:

1, For spanish residence account: 20.00 euros.

2, For non residence acount: 3,000.00 euros.

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